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Breakthrough performance for a large capacity of LAN/WAN, More so than ever, your network switching, routing and wireless infrastructure is critical.

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It’s our mission to help our clients build world-class brands and reputations. We help you to increase clients’ satisfaction with more quality, improve productivity

CBT Centers

Computer Based Test Examination Centers designed for JAMB Examination, both Private sector, Government or Organization, Established on Local Area Network (LAN), adequate metatarsals and Secure with CCTV Spy Cameras for Surveillance


If you’re ready to evolve your business, leave your network management concerns to us...As networks become more complex, so does their management. You need to concentrate on growing your business and making money, not managing technology.

Multimedia Centers

With UNIQUE-SYSTECH the engagement we got at the start is what made the difference, We also know that our clients hate guesstimates as much as we do. So before we deploy any changes to your Multimedia network environment, we’ll test and analyse adjustments to remove speculation

Our Services

Our approach and experience distinguish us from other, Our team consists of highly skilled and widely experienced individuals



While the correct design, implementation and support of your network is paramount, Your organisation’s networks and the processes supporting it – are robust, reliable and secure.

Connectivity Check

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Your ICT  runs efficiently to Achieve excellent network performance that ensures maximum business continuity, This reduces the cost and complexity of your ICT while improving process for future

CCTV Systems

Spy coverage

A closed-circuit television in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, We design to help prevent and detect crime. 

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